10x10 Frame Tent


For up to 4 days. $100.00/per extra days

Our Frame tents are used at locations where minimal staking or no center pole is desired. Distinguished by clear, unobstructed interiors with no center poles.  Our Frame Tents are  incredibly rugged, attractive and versatile system that will impress you and your guests.  Can be placed on concrete, asphault, grass or soil. Frame tents can withstand sustained winds up to 80mph


  20' Wide Frame Tent w/ up to 40' length

 Tent Sizes               Guest Seated (8' Banquet Tables)      Guest Seated (60" Round Tables) 

10'x10'                                  8                                                                    8-20

15'x15'                                  30                                                                  24-30

 20'x20'                                  40                                                                 32-40

 20'x30'                                  60                                                                 48-60

 20'x40'                                  80                                                                 64-80

             **The above figures should be used as a rough estimate only.  Remember that no two events are alike, as each person has different tastes and needs. Additional tent space is needed for layouts that include DJ's, dance floors, head table, cake/gift table, bar/food serving area etc.  Please contact us and we'll help you decide the appropriate size tent for your personal event. 


Rental Rates

Size                 Sq Ft.               Rental Rate

10x10                100                      $200

15x15                225                       $225

20x20                400                       $345

20x30                600                       $475

20x40                800                       $525